About Shannon

IMG_4348Shannon started practicing yoga in 2013 while she finished her graduate studies in Pittsburgh, PA. She was inspired by how quickly her mind and body were positively affected by the practice. Yoga had completely transformed how she lived her life. As yoga became part of her daily life, both on and off the mat, she took the leap to register for teaching training, if not to become a teacher, to grow personally. Shannon was surprised by how natural teaching felt and couldn’t wait to to get in front of a class. Shortly after she completed her training, her wishes came true and she began teaching yoga on a weekly basis.

Shannon received her 200-hour certification from Riverstone Yoga in 2015. She also received her 20-hour Restorative Yoga certification from Yoga Haven in May 2016, followed by her 60-hour Aerial Yoga certification in June 2016, and most recently, her Yin Yoga certification in July 2017.

She continues to grow through a daily yoga practice, regardless of her teaching, and welcomes new opportunities to grow as a teacher. What she loves most is that her students enter her class with minds and hearts open to learning more about themselves and taking their focus inside. Shannon creates a gentle, calm, and welcoming environment in her classes and guides her students through a soothing yet vigorous practice.