Pose of the Month: Yogi Squat

Get grounded this month in malasana – yogi squat.

Yogi Squat (Malasana)


Yogi squat is a great but intense pose. When we sit all day or stand all day, our hips get tight. Yogi squat can help us relieve some of that tension.

Remember – As you begin to find the proper alignment, remember to focus on the breath. Each breath you take helps you sink deeper into the pose.

Key Cues

  • Lengthen the tailbone down
  • Pull the bellybutton into the spine
  • Broaden your collarbone
  • Press your knees away from each other
  • Lengthen through both sides of the torso


  • Tones the belly
  • Stretches the ankles, groin and back torso


People can often have strong feelings against this pose. To help you access the pose, you can place a block underneath your sit bones or roll a blanket or your mat underneath your heels if your heels are lifted off of the ground.

More benefits can be found at: Yoga Journal Yoga Poses Directory

Was this helpful to find your full malasana? What other poses do you want to learn about? Comment below!


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