5 Reasons You Should Start Aerial Yoga Today

When I tell people that I practice and teach aerial yoga, they mostly think I’m crazy. I show them a picture to show them I’m not, yet somehow that makes it look even more crazy.

Maybe it is. But I dare you to EMBRACE the crazy!

Aerial yoga has so many amazing benefits for mind, body and spirit. Here are some of my personal favorite benefits of an aerial yoga practice.

aerial31. You get stronger.

When you start practicing aerial yoga, you will start to build strength quickly. One class you have a difficult time pulling yourself up for a pull-up and before you know it, it gets easier and easier every time you get to your hammock. While you build physical strength you build strength in yourself – you feel more confident to try to tricks in the hammock and you feel more confident outside of the classroom.

2. You find a full release of your spine.aerial4

Inverting in the hammock allows your spine to completely release. For anyone with low back issues (pretty much most of the population) from sitting and/or standing all day this is honestly the best workout to help ease the pain or discomfort. Speaking from someone who has herniated discs, practicing aerial yoga on a regular basis lessens my pain.

3. You get to act like a kid again.

Once you get older, how many opportunities are there to truly let go and act like a kid. In aerial, you can swing – realizing its a lot harder than you remember – spin, twist and fly. Who wouldn’t want a workout that has all of these fun components!

4. You release stress.

Exercise in general helps you to relieve stress. I think that aerial helps you relieve stress even more because you have to be focused on your practice in the hammock. Nothing has the ability to come into your mind to create stress. You are too busy thinking about the fact that you are upside down to worry!

aerial25. You forget your fears.

Be fearless when you walk into an aerial class. Our fear is often what holds us back – on the mat and off. Practicing aerial gives you more confidence – it allows you to face your fears head on with the support of the hammock and the instructor.

Go to class. Set no expectations. Leave your fear at the door. And fly!



Join me Sundays at 4:30pm for Intro to Aerial Yoga at Riverstone Yoga.

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